GSFPC and #gs2025

After a new municipal election in the fall of 2014, a vision for the City of Greater Sudbury’s economic development strategic plan had been sought out. #gs2025 is the result.

#gs2025 is a community consultation process developed by the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation and the City to engage our community for the next 10 years on the collective future in the City of Greater Sudbury.

This plan aims to guide municipal decisions and actions that will lead to the creation of a local economic climate that: generates significant employment opportunities; attracts know-how and talent; provides a high quality of life and a higher than average standard of living. Economic development plans chart a course of strategies and actions to leverage existing strengths and to identify and respond to new opportunities.

Read our proposal to the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation for how we envision Sudbury in 2025. Hint: it involves the importance of food!