Sudbury Seedy Sunday – growing the garden of ideas

Getting out and connecting with the community is one of our Coordinator’s, Erica’s, favourite things to do! And Sudbury Seedy Sunday on March 1st was no exception. Seed swappers and seed sellers, as well as other community groups and food vendors, were all in attendance.

Erica wanted to build a garden of ideas so she asked attendees to share something they loved about food in Sudbury, or something that they wanted to see change. The ideas were as varied as the people giving them. From loving the Sudbury Market, to local farmers, to growing vegetable gardens, there’s a lot of love for local food. On the other hand, people want to see more support for local farmers with protected farmland, the ability to keep backyard chickens and bees, and support for incubator kitchens.

Want to share your ideas? Connect with Erica to chat about what’s important to you, or join us at a council meeting.