Success – produce donations now accepted at Food Banks!

In the summer the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council wrote a letter to Public Health Sudbury and Districts urging them to re-examine their interpretation of a section of the Food Premises Regulation that was preventing the donations of fruits and vegetables from home and community gardens to Food Banks.

After much communication back and forth and after Public Health consulted with their legal team and the Ontario Ministry of Health, we received word earlier this fall that the fruits and vegetables from home and community gardens are now accepted at Food Banks and other food redistribution organizations!

Read Public Health Sudbury and Districts’ Letter

Read CBC’s coverage of the good news

Watch CTV’s coverage of the news

Show your support for fresh food donations to the Food Bank

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council has written a letter to our Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, urging Public Health Sudbury and Districts to meet with us to discuss an exemption to Section 29 of the Food Premises Regulation. This provincial regulation prevents donations of produce grown in home and community gardens from being accepted at the Food Bank.

We know members of our community are facing food insecurity that has been exacerbated by COVID-19, and the Sudbury Food Bank has helped to bridge this gap for many households. We believe fruits and vegetables are needed now more than ever, and that fresh, healthy produce grown by the residents of our community should be accepted as donation items at the Food Bank.

Emergency food providers in other Ontario cities are able to accept produce donations from home and community gardens, so it can be done.

Please show your support for this initiative by downloading this letter, copying and pasting into your email browser, and emailing the letter of support to Dr. Sutcliffe (

Thank you!

Emergency food providers accepting donations of home and community garden grown produce:
Harvest Algoma
Ottawa Food Bank
Feed Ontario

Sudbury Seedy Sunday – growing the garden of ideas

Getting out and connecting with the community is one of our Coordinator’s, Erica’s, favourite things to do! And Sudbury Seedy Sunday on March 1st was no exception. Seed swappers and seed sellers, as well as other community groups and food vendors, were all in attendance.

Erica wanted to build a garden of ideas so she asked attendees to share something they loved about food in Sudbury, or something that they wanted to see change. The ideas were as varied as the people giving them. From loving the Sudbury Market, to local farmers, to growing vegetable gardens, there’s a lot of love for local food. On the other hand, people want to see more support for local farmers with protected farmland, the ability to keep backyard chickens and bees, and support for incubator kitchens.

Want to share your ideas? Connect with Erica to chat about what’s important to you, or join us at a council meeting.

6th Annual Four-Minute Foodies a Success!

On Tuesday February 19 the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council hosted the 6th annual Four-Minute Foodies event at Tom Davies Square. Designed as a fun, fast-paced speaker event and networking session, Four-Minute Foodies brought together businesses, community groups, Public Health, the City of Sudbury, and anyone interested in hearing from leaders in our food system. And food! Participants heard from five speakers involved in changing the food landscape in Sudbury, and were treated to delicious food from Hiawatha’s Catering.

Speakers included:

Read more about the event here: Four-Minute Foodies event takes “you are what you eat” to heart

CTV Northern Ontario: Positive changes in Sudbury’s food sector

You’re invited to the 6th annual Four-Minute Foodies

Join us for our annual Four-Minute Foodies event on Wednesday February 19th from 12:00-1:00pm at Tom Davies Square Provincial Building Rooms C and D. Hear from Sudbury businesses, organizations and groups as they share new and exciting projects that are making a difference to the way food is grown, distributed, and consumed in our city.

Each presenter will speak for four minutes about how they or their organization is making positive changes to Sudbury’s food system.

Light snacks featuring local ingredients will be provided.

Register today for this FREE event!

Meet the new Food Strategy Outreach Coordinator

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council (GSFPC) is excited to announce the launch of the Food Strategy Outreach Coordinator position, and would like to introduce Erica Lagios as the new Coordinator. Since 2013 the GSFPC has brought together stakeholders and community leaders to coordinate and share ideas, and foster collaboration and communication among those working within the food system. The launch of the Greater Sudbury Food Strategy in 2017 by the GSFPC was an important milestone in moving the community towards a more equitable and sustainable food system. The Food Strategy Outreach Coordinator will gather those working in the food system, and build and strengthen partnerships to further improve food security and sovereignty in our city.

Since moving to Sudbury from Southern Ontario in 2015, Erica has delved into Northeastern Ontario’s food movement, working with Eat Local Sudbury before it’s closure, and managing the Sudbury Market. She brings to the role established relationships with important stakeholders, extensive knowledge of the local food movement, experience as a stakeholder in the development of the Culinary Tourism Strategy, and participation with the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council as a resource member, including participation in the Food Strategy launch.

Erica will create a solid a base for future action on the Food Strategy through interviews with key organizations, businesses and groups, community outreach, and gathering stakeholders together to plan next steps. If you would like to contact Erica, you can reach her at

The Food Strategy Outreach Coordinator position is a partnership between the GSFPC and reThink Green, and is made possible by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ Job Creation Program.

Free Film Screening- The Biggest little farm

Wednesday November 20, 2019

Lockerby Composite School Auditorium

Doors open 6:30 pm, film 7:00  pm, discussion follow

Please join us in viewing The Biggest Little Farm. The film chronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature. Featuring breathtaking cinematography, captivating animals, and an urgent message to heed Mother Nature’s call, the film provides us all a vital blueprint for better living and a healthier planet.

The discussion will allow us to share ideas on how to support more sustainable food systems.

Brought to you by a partnership between the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council, Sudbury Shared Harvest, reThink Green, EarthCare Sudbury, and the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre.

To register visit:

Trailer found here: BLF Poster

Growing a Sustainable Food System

Community Progress on the Greater Sudbury Food Strategy November 2017 to December 2018

In 2017, the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council released the Greater Sudbury Food Strategy. It includes actions related to healthy food, growing food in urban areas, forest and freshwater foods, food retail, and agriculture.

This infographic highlights just some of the amazing food initiatives happening across Greater Sudbury. GSFStrat_Progress_Report_Infographic_Full_SectionedGSFStrat_Progress_Report_Infographic_1_Intro