In 2004, the City of Greater Sudbury and the Sudbury & District Health Unit endorsed the City of Greater Sudbury Food Charter, one of the first food charters in North America.

Since 2004, many community-led initiatives supported the mandate of the Food Charter, however there were still many significant needs related to creating a healthy and sustainable food system across Greater Sudbury that demanded more coordinated action. To achieve this local community leaders and stakeholders established the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council in 2013.

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council (GSFPC) envisions a Greater Sudbury where:

  • All residents have access to adequate, affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food
  • There exists a financially viable, equitable, environmentally sustainable food system (including production, processing, distribution, marketing and waste disposal)
  • Area citizens are knowledgeable about the food system and its impact on their individual lives and community.

Through the work of the GSFPC and its extensive community network, a food strategy was prioritized to guide the community towards a more equitable, vibrant and sustainable food system. The Greater Sudbury Food Strategy was launched in the fall of 2017 and is a guiding document for community growth and change. It describes five themes vital to a healthy community:

  • Healthy Food Access and Literacy
  • Growing Food (not for profit)
  • Forest and Freshwater Foods
  • Food Retail, Service and Tourism
  • Agriculture and Food Processing

Each theme outlines specific goals and action strategies that are needed to achieve these goals. The strategy will help bring together citizens, businesses, organizations, and municipal government to develop ideas, projects and policies to strengthen Greater Sudbury’s food system.

Our Team

The GSFPC is led by our dedicated members.

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