A Kitchen Gathering, Friday May 4th, 2018

A Kitchen Gathering: Convening a Food Literacy Network for Greater Sudbury Friday, May 4th, 2018, 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Au pied du rocher restaurant, College Boreal, 21 Lasalle Blvd. Calling all food skills teachers and cooking program leaders in Greater Sudbury! This “Kitchen Gathering” will bring together leaders in food literacy across Greater Sudbury,Continue reading “A Kitchen Gathering, Friday May 4th, 2018”

Four Minute Foodies 2018: a successful event

Local foodies, business owners, activists and elected officials gathered over the lunch hour to hear seven local changemakers talk—for just four minutes each—about how they are creating positive change to our city’s food system. “There is a vibrant food culture here, with lots of success stories and lessons learned,” said Cassandra Gosselin, co-chair of theContinue reading “Four Minute Foodies 2018: a successful event”

Four Minute Foodies 2018: Growing a Stronger Food System in Greater Sudbury

You’re invited! Feb 14, 2018, 12 to 1 pm The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council is hosting the fourth-annual Four Minute Foodies event on Wednesday, February 14th in Board Rooms C and D of the Provincial Building at Tom Davies Square, from 12 to 1 pm. This event comes on the heels of the GreaterContinue reading “Four Minute Foodies 2018: Growing a Stronger Food System in Greater Sudbury”

Greater Sudbury Food Strategy Launch & Celebration

  YOU ARE INVITED! The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council presents: THE GREATER SUDBURY FOOD STRATEGY LAUNCH & CELEBRATION! The Greater Sudbury Food Strategy will bring the public and key stakeholders together to share in the vision of a sustainable, equitable food system for our City. Learn about the pillars of the Food Strategy andContinue reading “Greater Sudbury Food Strategy Launch & Celebration”

Next Steps for a food strategy

What is next? What can Greater Sudbury do to help people eat healthier, fresher, and more local? What are some challenges for farmers, food banks, restaurants, dietitians, and foodies? Help us develop a Food Strategy that will identify actions to grow and develop our food industry. Email EarthCare Sudbury with your suggestions or fill out these easyContinue reading “Next Steps for a food strategy”

Why do we need a Food Strategy?

Over the past few years, our community has seen a tremendous growth in the interest and investment in our food system. Retailers and restaurants showcase local food options, large institutions incorporate local food in their procurement policies and sign bylaws are being evaluated to help facilitate efforts of local food producers. Furthermore, there are manyContinue reading “Why do we need a Food Strategy?”

What is our Regional Food System?

As defined by the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council, our regional food system is our geographic area including and beyond the City of Greater Sudbury. It encompasses nearby agricultural lands and communities from which the citizens of Greater Sudbury derive a significant portion of their food, now or potentially in the future. Source: https://www.greatersudbury.ca/living/environmental-initiatives/earthcare-sudbury/food/greater-sudbury-food-strategy/